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Hashd al-Shaabi tighten the grip on US forces in Iraq

IRAQ (OBSERVATORY) – The Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq (Hashd al-Shaabi) are preparing a firm and effective response to any use of the Iraqi skies by the US air force to hit Syria. Some reports even say that Hashd al-Shaabi surrounded a US air base in Iraq.

According to the Iranian news agency SNN (Student News Network) citing the Lebanese newspaper Addiyar , Hashd al-Shaabi surrounded al-Zahra airbase in northwestern Baghdad, with complete military equipment, including tanks, ground-to-ground missiles and anti-aircraft guns.

The al-Zahra airbase is one of the many military barracks used by the US military and, given its proximity to the capital Baghdad, is considered the third largest American base in Iraq, after the airbase from Qayyarah south of Mosul and al-Taji base north of Baghdad.

One of the commanders of Popular Mobilization Units warned US command of al-Zahra base against taking off assault aircraft from this base. “In this case, the Hashd will not hesitate to hit the base of al-Zahra,” the Popular Mobilization Units warned.

Some components of the Popular Mobilization Units in Iraq, including Asaïb Ahl al-Haq, have focused on US bases in Iraq. They have therefore set up their own bases around the military barracks used by US forces, so that they can immediately take action, if necessary, and compel the occupying forces to leave Iraqi territory.

About 40,000 US servicemen are currently in 12 military barracks in Iraq, a not-so-large number compared to some 75,000 armed Asaib Ahl al-Haq personnel who have received military training. If we add other components of the Hashd al-Shaabi, we will have to count to more than 250,000 militarily trained personnel who will be a nightmare for the United States.

Moreover, this issue has become an important source of concern for States, as the Iraqi People’s Mobilization Forces, as a pillar of the resistance front, could at any time attack US occupiers on the ground. Syrian territory, if they continue their operations against Syria.