Head of the US Treasury: “We are not against crypto-currency”

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe authorities of the United States support “correct regulation of the Crypto-currency”, but they do not intend to fight the digital assets themselves.

This opinion was expressed by the head of the Ministry of Finance of the United States Stephen Mnuchin. He also said that regulators are not against the use of crypto-currencies in mutual settlements. Nevertheless, the authorities want to fight the financing of terrorism and speculation in the market.

“We do not oppose the crypto currency. We want them to be used correctly,” said the United States Treasury Secretary.

According to Stephen Mnuchin, we can not allow crypto-currencies to be used for illegal purposes.

Let’s remind, recently on a post of the adviser of president Donald Trump on economic questions have appointed Larri Kadlou. In the environment of the conservatives, he is distinguished by his progressive views and his loyal attitude to the crypto-currency. In particular, he advocated a reduction in the rate of capital gains tax.

The US Internal Revenue Service considers the crypto currency as a property. Therefore, tax reform to reduce the capital growth ratio should benefit the crypto-investors.

The rules for the payment of tax for traders in the United States came into effect from the beginning of this year.

Previously, the US imposed a ban on the use of the crypto currency “petro”, since its original appearance was associated with a desire to bypass American sanctions. Venezuela nevertheless claims increased interest in El Petro by citizens of the United States.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro himself called such actions of the US a crime against humanity. Some American media also built theories that Venezuela’s crypto currency could be used to circumvent sanctions by other countries, in particular Russia. Ostensibly, this is how the country conducts an experiment to introduce the technologies of sovereign crypto currency.