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Hezbollah leader: Resistance will strike Israel in the heart

LEBANON (OBSERVATORY) – “If Israel continues its aggression against Syria, the Resistance response will be, this time, the heart of occupied Palestine, not the Golan,” said the secretary general of Lebanese Hezbollah.

Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary General Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah delivered a speech Monday (May 14th) on the occasion of the 2 nd anniversary of the martyrdom of Mustapha Badreddin, a commander of this movement who was killed in 2016 in Syria.

In addition to internal political issues, Seyyed Hassan Nasrallah also spoke about developments in the region.

Hezbollah’s general secretary mostly referred to “the recent confrontation with the Israeli army in Golan”.

Hassan Nasrallah said that on May 10, Israel lost its so-called invulnerability in the Golan. “The strike has reached Israel’s strategic depth without the latter being able to counter it,” he said.

The Hezbollah Secretary General also referred to the crash of an Israeli fighter plane three months ago to say:

“For years Israel seeks to legitimize the annexation of the Golan to occupied Palestine, but it is the 1 st time in recent years that Israel is targeted by an attack of such great magnitude. In fact, 55 missiles were fired at Israeli military targets, causing large explosions, so Israeli settlers were forced to shelter.”

“This is just one way to respond to Israeli aggression against Syria,” he said.

Speaking to the Israelis, Hezbollah’s secretary general added:

“You Israelis, as enemies, you will not be able to continue your aggression against Syria, its people and the axis of the Resistance, without receiving a scathing riposte.”

“If the Israeli aggression against Syria continues, this time, the response will not be in the Golan, but in the heart of occupied Palestine.”

Regarding the US President’s decision to recognize the city of Quds as the capital of Israel, Nasrallah said that it is rather the decision of an entire administration and not just one person.

In the event of a possible denunciation of this decision in the Security Council, the United States would veto it, “because American policy is devoid of any human value,” he said.

Hezbollah’s general secretary has hinted at the attitude of US President Donald Trump, who left the nuclear deal with Iran, without taking into account the interests of his European allies, to conclude that the Arab countries would be wrong to believe that their interests matter to the United States.