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Hezbollah: Syria refuses any occupation, even Arab

SYRIA / LEBANON (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe entry of any Arab force into Syrian territory without the approval of Damascus is an occupation, said the Vice President of the Executive Council of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, promising that those who dare to do so will be treated as a force occupancy.

According to the Lebanese television channel Al-Manar, Sheikh Ali Daamouch, vice-president of Hezbollah’s executive council, also praised the bravery of the Resistance fighters.

Here is the whole speech he made to the Ulemas who had gathered in the city of Tire:

“Certainly, the path of resistance as well as those of endurance, sacrifice, refusal of dependence and alignment and non-concession have been rewarded with great victories over Israeli and takfirist terrorism in Lebanon. and in the region, while the path of being dependent on the United States, giving in to blackmail and normalizing relations with Israel has led to weakening, disillusionment, failure and setbacks, and this is exactly what pushed enemies to attack Syria and Gaza.

It is certain regimes of the Persian Gulf that most ardently wanted a tripartite aggression [United States / United Kingdom / France, Ed] against Syria and before that against the military airport T4 in the center of the province of Homs and which there have the most applauded.

They rocked the dream that this aggression would change the equations and tilt the balance in their favor, but they have harvested only setbacks and their hopes were swept by the wind. The aggression was such a failure that according to the admission of the Israeli media, the effectiveness of this aggression was almost nil.

The degrading alignment of the United States and the West and the fierce desire to remain on the throne have turned many Arab regimes into a safe deposit box where Washington draws whenever it feels the need.

This alignment has made the summit of the Arab League a vain and worthless meeting that is not worth the ink with which they wrote their final declaration.

Now that their aggression against Syria has proved a failure and they have failed to consolidate their bases in this country, the United States seeks to be replaced by the Arab forces.

Washington is trying to encourage some Arab regimes to deploy their forces in northern Syria to purportedly protect the Sunnis who live there. But these regimes make no mention of the protection against Israeli terrorism by Sunnis living in Palestine.

The entry of any Arab force into Syrian territory without the approval of Damascus constitutes an occupation and no distinction will be made between these Arab forces and the invaders that are the United States, Daesh, Front al Nosra or other . These forces will be treated in exactly the same way as the other occupying forces, even if they are Arab, Islamic or take the name of Islamic coalition. It does not change the essence of the occupation and how to deal with it.

The United States and its allies will not be able to compensate in this way their losses and alter the reality of the ground in Syria, because Syria and its allies are determined to go to the end, until the final victory, and they are stronger than all the enemies who plot and plan aggression against them. “