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Houthis announce the targeting of the Saudi Defense Ministry

SAUDI ARABIA (OBSERVATORY) – The Houthis announced that they targeted the Saudi Defense Ministry and other areas in Riyadh, while Saudi media announced that the air defense destroyed two unmanned aircraft and intercepted three ballistic missiles in the Kingdom, one of them over Riyadh.

The Houthis said they targeted Saudi Defense Ministry headquarters and other sites in the capital Riyadh with missiles in a wide-ranging operation in various parts of the kingdom, after announcing raids on the Abha airport in Asir and Aramco in Jazan, southern Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, Saudi media said Saudi air defense intercepted a missile over Riyadh after three explosions were heard in the capital, Reuters reported .

The sounds of three explosions in Riyadh on Wednesday evening are likely to result from missiles that may be intercepted by the Saudi Air Force over the capital, according to a correspondent of the French Press Agency.

Saudi media reported that Saudi forces shot down a Houthi-guided reconnaissance aircraft in the southern Saudi city ​​of Abha and that the wreckage had landed at Abha airport.

The spokesman for the Arab coalition forces in Yemen, Colonel Turki al-Maliki on Wednesday, the destruction of two unmanned aircraft launched from Yemen towards the south of the Kingdom.

In a statement published by the official Saudi Press Agency, one of the planes tried to target the international airport Abha, which led to the suspension of air traffic at the airport for a period before resuming again.

The Houthis had announced the launch of a ballistic missile of the type “Badr 1” on a logistics camp in Jazan and a second ballistic missile type “Kaher 2M” on a Saudi camp in Asir.

This comes after the announcement of Saleh, the head of the so-called political council of the Houthis earlier that the Houthis will launch during the coming period the launch of ballistic missiles every day towards Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia, at the head of the Arab Alliance, began its operations in Yemen in March 2015 in support of the internationally recognized authority and in the face of the Houthis who took control of the capital and other areas.

In recent months, the Houthis have intensified their rocket attacks on Saudi Arabia, including an attack in which they launched seven rockets into the kingdom on March 26, marking the third anniversary of the Saudi-led Arab military campaign in the country.