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Houthis talks about an open war with Saudi Arabia

SAUDI ARABIA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe head of the Supreme Political Council of the group “Ansar Allah” (Houthis) Mahdi al-Mashat threatened the Arab alliance led by Saudi Arabia in an open war in response to the assassination of his predecessor Saleh al-Samad.

This came on the tongue of the Mashat in a speech today before the President and members of the House of Representatives of the Houthis during the performance of the “swearing in” to replace the man who was killed in a raid for the alliance in the northern province of Hodeidah last Thursday.

The president of the new political council said that the coalition countries chose an open war, calling on the Yemenis to commit to prove that what the coalition did “was a mistake too expensive and too expensive and overworked too,” according to the channel “March” of the Houthis.

Al-Mashat blamed the American administration for the assassination of the man, describing the operation as “a political assassination and a violation of the sovereignty of the Yemeni people by targeting a symbol of its national symbols.” He said it was committed by Saudi Arabia under the auspices of Washington and its patronage and weapons.

“This is a clear indication of the nature of this aggression in its criminal practices and its satanic goals, and that it is illegitimate and is nothing but an unjust aggression aimed at occupying an independent sovereign country and the enslavement of a dear people,” he said.