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How Facebook exploits the psychology of man

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –┬áSean Parker was the first president of Facebook. A few months ago, he admitted that the social network uses the weak points of the human psyche. This is important to remember in the light of the trend of Facebook’s growing influence on society.

IT entrepreneur, co-founder of Napster and Facebook Sean Parker remembered that at the beginning of the Facebook existence people told him that they do not use social networks because they value communication in real life. Parker replied that they would still be in social networks. “I do not know if I understood the consequences of what I’m saying,” the businessman added, stressing that he had in mind the consequences that appeared when the audience of the project exceeded 2 billion people.

“The consequences that the network has grown to a billion or two users in that people’s relationships have completely changed, it exploits the vulnerability of human psychology, literally changes your relationship with society, with other people.” It also seems to have an impact on productivity. we know what she does with the brains of our children, “says Parker.

The entrepreneur mentioned that when creating a social network, developers tried to understand how to get the most attention from the user. So there was a button like that, which gives a “small dopamine charge”, prompting you to post more content.

Dopamine is a chemical substance that the brain produces every time a person receives encouragement. For example, the same like. Experiments on rats in the middle of the last century proved that animals are ready to press a lever a thousand times a day for a small dose.

“This feedback loop is exactly the kind of thing a hacker like me would come up with, because vulnerability is used in human psychology,” concluded Parker.

“We have carefully studied this question: there is not a single study that would show that the more you use social networks, the more you are connected with other people.” Maybe you communicate more, but you can not really say that you are with them more In fact, it’s just a big isolation, “Dean Garfield, president of the Information Technology Council, said in an interview with FOX News.

The Journal of Epidemiology established the following: “The more people use Facebook, the worse their health and the less satisfaction with life, especially for children.”

The influence of social media on society began to be actively discussed in the US in connection with the “Russian interference” in the presidential elections. In the fall, Facebook said that the Russian company Internet Research Agency published 80,000 ads in the social network, which were shown to 29 million users in the period from January 2015 to August 2017. Given the likes and reposts, they saw 126 million people . According to representatives of Facebook, the posts provoked discord between the Americans.