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How long will US spend on fake money?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Gold prices soared last Wednesday to $ 1365 per troy ounce, which is much higher than analysts forecasted at $ 1,350, from which, in theory, stockbrokers had to start moving into “yellow metal” and related investments such as gold shares.

But, alas, the bank cartel had other plans in this regard, and from about midday onwards an artificial mass collapse occurred in the gold futures markets, so that the main world rival of the dollar could not undermine the credibility of the “green”.

In this, of course, there is nothing new. The Antimonopoly Committee on Gold (GATA) for several decades records numerous manipulations in the gold market. It is hardly surprising that a single day at the London Association of the Precious Metals Market Participants (LBMA) trades more virtual gold than it does for the whole year.

Everything is done, including wars, to keep the petrodoll alive and the opportunity to spend trillions of dollars on blood and treasury. In connection with this, Eisenhower’s fears about the incredible influence on the policy of the US military-industrial complex look prophetic.

At the same time, it is clear that the US military, like the US budget, has come out of control, says the US information portal

As a result, in the US today hundreds of thousands of parasitic bureaucrats and financial barons enjoying a luxurious life, and producing real material assets the rest of the population, whose revenues are rapidly declining.

A flagrant violation of international law was the bombing of Syria, held last Saturday by America, France and Britain. In this regard, the question arises: why did the regime of Bashar Assad need to use chemical weapons against his own people (the formal reason for the attack by the Western coalition) a week after Trump announced the immediate withdrawal of troops from Syria?

The other question remains unanswered: Why did the US refuse to allow an impartial country like Norway to conduct an independent investigation into the alleged use of chemical weapons? In reality, there is no evidence that it was. The situation, by the way, is very similar to the accusations of the George Bush administration about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in 2003.

What does all this have to do with the gold market and gold shares? The most direct. Gold is the only currency that can put all countries in equal financial terms. The gold standard would mean that the US can not have the current prosperity and continuously print “empty” money for a reckless foreign policy (paying for endless wars, deaths and destruction in other countries).

It was for this reason that Richard Nixon in 1971 abolished the international gold standard, which allowed the bankers who had access to the printing machine to get rich, and the American treasury did not limit itself to anything at the expense of new borrowings.

But in order to keep the dollar as the main world currency, its leading competitor, gold, must always be kept within tight limits and periodically given kicks, like last Wednesday.

But Russians and Chinese, as well as many other countries, are tired of the artificial imposition of the dollar on all international trade transactions, since it finances America’s hostile policy.

The resistance to the dollar and the war against the monetary system, created in 1971, is headed by China, which has accumulated huge wealth in recent years.

Approximately a week later, the first contract with the oil company will be held on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. Very soon all countries that sell their oil to China will receive a fee in yuan. If they are afraid of the yuan, they can insure against fluctuations in the Chinese currency with gold (not paper but real) on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, which, unlike LBMA in London, is considered an honest market for physical gold.

So while American economists with a doctoral degree in economics refuse to recognize gold as money and believe that countries can get rich with the help of a printing press, Russians and Chinese (not to mention the Iranians and other peoples of Asia) are increasing their gold reserves, preparing for that day, when the US itself will destroy itself financially or otherwise in another way.