Human rights defenders reported 24 dead in protests in Nicaragua

NICARAGUA (OBSERVATORY) –┬áHuman rights defenders of Nicaragua reported on Sunday that the death toll in the protests in the country reached 24 people. According to local media, about 70 people were injured.

Earlier , ten dead and 88 victims of protests against social security reform in Nicaragua were reported . Protests began on April 18 and affected several cities. Protesters disagree with the reform, which increases the amount of contributions of employers and workers to social insurance funds.

According to the Nicaraguan Initiative of Human Rights Defenders and the Center for the Protection of Human Rights, ten people were killed in the capital of Managua, four in Ciudad Sandino, three in Masai, two in Leone, Esteli and the Tipitape, another in Sebaco.

Colombian radio W specifies that the number of wounded is now estimated at 67, 43 are still missing and 20 were detained.

Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega blamed the events for “small opposition groups.”