Human rights defenders reported torture of relatives of IS militants in Iraq

IRAQ (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Amnesty International, an international human rights organization, said that the wives and children of militants of the IS terrorist group are being subjected to violence and are not receiving humanitarian assistance in camps for displaced people in Iraq, according to a report published on Tuesday at the organization’s website.

Amnesty International specialists interviewed 92 women in eight camps for displaced people in the provinces of Ninewa and Salah ed Din in Iraq. Also researchers of the organization talked with 30 employees of local and international public organizations, 11 employees of administration of camps and nine working and former representatives of the United Nations.

“The war against the IS may be over, but the suffering of the Iraqi people is far from over.” Iraqi women and children, regarded as having links to the IS, are punished for crimes that they did not commit, “said Lynn Maalouf, director of the Middle East Studies Department Amnesty International.

According to the report, relatives of militants in camps for displaced people do not have access to food, water, and do not receive medical care and basic necessities.

As reported in the document, these families are not issued identification cards and other documents, which they need for work and more free movement. They are also prohibited from leaving the camps, which “became de facto correctional institutions.”

According to the report, four women told Amnesty International that they either were themselves raped or witnessed the rape of other women by armed men, camp officials or other camp residents.

It is also reported that in some areas, local authorities or tribal leaders have forbidden women and children who have links with militants to leave camps for displaced persons.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi announced in December 2017 the victorious end of the war against the IS, but later noted that it was necessary to fight against the so-called “sleeping” cells. The participation in the IS in Iraq is subject to the death penalty.