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“I saw the White Helmets share the operating theaters with the Al-Nusra Front”

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – The interference of some Western powers in Syria does not allow its people to achieve peace, said Carla Ortiz, actress and Bolivian filmmaker, very critical of the Western media coverage of events in Syria.

She shared with Sputnik her experience of several months spent in this war-torn country.

The only way to end the war in Syria is to listen to the Syrian version on the spot, instead of listening to the representatives of the foreign powers who always insist on more interference, Sputnik Carla Ortiz said, whose documentary “The Voice of Syria” contains testimonies from locals, lies from the Western media and the reality of everyday life in a country where the war has killed half a million people in seven years.

“Police powers around the world need to know who these people are who made videos of alleged chemical attacks. […] Nevertheless, they cynically support the misinformation to allow the continuation of the bombings that ruin the country in the fight against terrorism, which indeed the whole West is responsible, because the weapon delivered to moderate groups is finally found between the hands of the extremists, “said the interlocutor of the agency.

She said that she discovered in Aleppo that many schools were used as operating theaters by the Al-Nusra Front and the White Helmets. This group, whose members declare themselves to be volunteers protecting and helping civilians in rebel-held areas, is opposed to the Syrian government in power.

“I saw the White Helmets share operating theaters with the Al-Nusra Front * without any problem. But if, as ordinary people, you had seen the exactions of these extremists on your people and your family, the rapes of your daughters and the beheadings of people, you would never have shared anything with them. ” raised the Bolivian.

He added that the people in the street claimed that the White Helmets “did not save civilians”, that “they even refused to take care of hospitalized children”, and that during the Battle of Aleppo they “worked hand in hand in the hand “with the Al-Nusra Front.

“Even supporters of the Syrian opposition are calling for an end to the war that has caused too much bloodshed. We need to disseminate alternative information to help this people. We must stop thinking that Syria is far away. A Syrian child is no different from our own children,” said Sputnik’s interlocutor.