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If a nuclear war breaks out, can ordinary people survive?

US, WASHINGTON (NEWS OBSERVATORY) — There have been many wars in the world since ancient times, but with the development of human technology, the weapons used in the war have evolved from the most primitive swords and halberds to the current aircraft tanks, and there are also very powerful destructive nuclear weapons.

All countries attach great importance to the research of nuclear weapons. In their view, only the most powerful weapons have sufficient strength to protect their residents, and they can also have a greater say in the world.

Once a nuclear weapon explodes, it will have a huge lethality, and there will be serious nuclear radiation. The nuclear radiation will not only have a wide range of impact, but also last for a long time.

It can be said to be the most powerful weapon in the world. In this regard, Einstein also predicted that the next world war will definitely use nuclear weapons, and the outcome must be devastating.

Therefore, after recognizing the danger of nuclear weapons, many people oppose the use of nuclear weapons and call on all countries to restrain each other and limit the development of nuclear weapons.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, the possibility of various countries using nuclear weapons is not high, but there are accidents in everything, especially now that many small countries are secretly developing nuclear weapons in order to enhance their military strength.

If a large-scale war is really inadvertent in the future, no one can guarantee that some countries will go all out in desperation. If that happens, can ordinary people survive? Can’t you just sit and wait to die? Some military experts pointed out that remembering these three places can save lives at a critical moment.

The first place is the air raid shelter. As the name suggests, the air raid shelter can be said to be the best place to evacuate in the event of war, but the number of air raid shelters is relatively small, so many people may have no time to hide in the air raid shelter.

The second place can solve this problem, which is the subway station. With the development of various cities, the subway has become an indispensable means of transportation in many cities.

The subway station itself is very sturdy and easier to find, so it can be found at critical moment Provide protection quickly. Another place of refuge is the bank. Certain parts of the bank have a solid structure and also have the functions of explosion-proof and shockproof. If a nuclear war breaks out, you can escape from the bank if you hide in the bank.

However, if war really occurs, the scene must be a mess. Even if these places are not found, do not sit and do nothing. The nearest basement, garage and other places can be used as refuge places. Light, can avoid the strong light and high temperature emitted by the nuclear explosion, increase the chance of survival.


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