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If a war starts, will Russia be defeated in three hours?

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — According to several analysts, in the event of the outbreak of war, Russia will be defeated in three hours. How real are these concerns? In Europe alone, there are 600 nuclear missiles and 80 bombers aimed at Russia and ready at any moment to launch. By announcing entry into the war, the country will immediately sign a death sentence.

The complication of the situation in the Middle East aggravated the contradictions between Russia and the United States in this region. A tense confrontation between the two countries is also observed in other areas. However, the armies of both states have both strengths and weaknesses, which is why neither of them can prevail over the other.

The countries are merely exchanging angry words, trying to subjugate their opponents with threats. One side says that it can destroy the enemy’s territory ten times, and the other says it will defeat in just three hours and even without the use of nuclear warheads.

If we leave aside public opinion and the negotiation table, the confrontation between the two states is as follows: the United States is taking measures aimed at completely isolating Russia. This is especially pronounced on the stretch from Western Europe to the Middle East, as well as in most of the Arctic region.

All the efforts of Russia, in turn, are aimed at breaking through the American blockade and lifting restrictions. She is doing everything possible to strengthen her authority in the autonomous military regions and expand the defense zone, and at the same time she is making her way to the North Pole, the Middle East and the south of the Far Eastern region in order to ensure protection in case of active offensive operations from Europe.

U.S. measures to block Russia include the gradual reduction of its space for strategic maneuvers by building a large number of military bases and using the huge nuclear arsenal and numerous air forces ready to provide advanced assistance at any time.

Currently, the United States relies on the forces of NATO countries and its allies in Europe, the Middle East and the Far East. They gradually penetrate and gain a foothold at the North Pole, confidently act in the European direction, which has become a key point of the anti-Russian blockade.

In the European direction, the United States deployed its regular units, medium-range anti-ballistic missiles, and air strike weapons, and 600 nuclear warheads are managed or shared by the American allies, including many nuclear bombs.

From this we can conclude that in this region there are many units of the US Air Force, which indicates the likely presence of strategic bombers. Compounds of US surface ships, including aircraft carrier groups and strategic nuclear submarines, also surround the European continent.

Russia is still carrying out reconstruction work in the missile, submarine and aerospace forces and is developing little new weapons.

This is especially evident in the example of strategic bombers, where you can still find the old Tu-160, Tu-95 and their advanced models, clearly lagging behind the modern ones. Nothing new is heard about the appearance of stealth bombers.

If Russia does not want to be destroyed within three hours, it needs to focus its efforts in three areas, which include: missile defense systems, the ability to retaliate, and the development of new models of strategic bombers.


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