In Japan, found the largest treasure in the history of the country

JAPAN (OBSERVATORY) – In Saitama Prefecture, a large cash treasure was discovered. The find was put in the storehouse of cultural values ​​of the city of Kumagaya.

“This is the largest coin discovery in Japan in a clay pitcher, and it is also the largest in terms of the number of coins found,” the museum said.

The treasure was found in excavations of the times of the medieval Age of Warring States (the second half of the XV – XVI century) in the city of Hasuda.

In almost unaffected pitcher, whose height was 70 centimeters, lay 260 thousand copper coins.

At the time of burial, they were probably connected by a rope, passed through a characteristic hole in the middle of each coin.

Archaeologists believe that the burial was done after the XV century in order to save property in troubled times.