In Poland, they announced their participation in consultations on blows in Syria

POLAND (OBSERVATORY) –┬áPoland participated in consultations on the attacks of the United States, France and Britain on Syria, Polish chief of staff Krzysztof Schersky said on Polish Radio.

“Consultations were held with Poland in connection with the planning of this action in the framework of the Allied consultations, so this action is not a surprise for us,” Shchersky said.

However, he did not disclose the details of the consultations. “It is important that, although we were not part of the decision-making process, there were consultations, and this is important,” he stressed.

The United States, Britain and France hit rocket attacks on Syrian government facilities on Saturday morning, which they believe are used to produce chemical weapons. In total, more than 100 rockets were fired, most of which were shot down by Syrian air defense.

The Russian forces were not involved, but they monitored all the launches. Russian President Vladimir Putin described the attacks as an act of aggression against a sovereign state, despite the fact that neither Russian military experts nor local residents confirmed the fact of the chemical attack, which became the pretext for strikes.