In the Syria Duma, a bus with Russian journalists was hit

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – A military correspondent for the REN TV channel, which is part of the Izvestiya MIT, said that the bus in which the Russian journalists were stationed was bombarded in the Syrian Duma. At least three Russian media workers were injured.

According to Valentin Trushin, during the visit to the Duma, civilians tried to hang out the flag of Syria, which the militants did not like. They opened fire in the air to disperse the crowd and disrupt the banner.

“Such a gunfight begins. In one of the militants get a stone, and he starts firing a fan. Comes to our bus. Here these holes breaks the leg of Alexei Ivlev with NTV and Michael Vitkin. This hole falls into Vlad, the operator of the “Star”. Another bullet hits the wheel, “Trushin noted.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia confirmed the fact of shelling the bus with Russian journalists. The department noted that light injured legs were received by the NTV channel correspondent Alexei Ivlev, the operator of the Rossiya 1 channel Mikhail Vitkin and the operator of the Zvezda TV channel Vladislav Dodonov.

All the necessary medical assistance was rendered to the staff of the Russian media. In the near future they will be taken to the hospital.