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Iran ready to resume nuclear program if US withdraws from agreement

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áTehran warned against Washington’s attempt to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. According to the Iranian Foreign Minister, if the US bury the agreement, Iran will resume production of enriched uranium, a key element in the manufacture of nuclear weapons.

Iran will resume its nuclear program if Washington breaks the Iran nuclear deal as Donald Trump threatens to do so, Iran’s Foreign Minister Javad Zarif warned on Saturday.

“America should never have feared that Iran would produce a nuclear bomb, but we will vigorously pursue our uranium enrichment program,” he said, “if President Trump formally withdrew from the ‘agreement (nuclear, ed)).

“We have several options, and all of these options are ready. Among them there are options that include the resumption of our nuclear activities at a much faster pace,” Javad Zarif said in an interview with CBS.

Donald Trump put the date of May 12 as an ultimatum to his European allies to reach an agreement with Iran to “remedy the terrible shortcomings” of the text of the agreement.

At this time, if they have not found a way to tighten the agreement signed in 2015 by the major powers with Iran to prevent it from acquiring the atomic bomb, the US President threatens to reinstate sanctions against Tehran and withdraw from the text.

Mr Trump is calling for more inspections and, above all, the removal of time restrictions on Tehran’s nuclear activity expected to expire in 2025 and 2030.

The fate of the Iran nuclear deal will be one of the key points of the visit of the French President to the United States from Monday, followed Friday by that of the German Chancellor. However, according to the head of the Iranian diplomacy, the attempts of Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel “to appease President Trump are like a waste of time”.