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Iran says Israel will answer for air strike at airbase in Syria

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIsrael will have to answer for the missile attack on the Syrian airbase on Monday, Al-Mayadeen reported referring to the statement of Ali Khamenei’s advisor on international affairs Ali Akbar Velayati.

On Monday night, it became known about the missile strike at Tifor airbase (T-4), located in the Syrian province of Homs. The Iranian agency Tasnim earlier reported the death of seven Iranian advisers.

“Israel’s crime against the military airfield Tifor will not remain unanswered,” Velayati said during his visit to Damascus.

The Russian Defense Ministry reported that two F-15 fighters of the Israeli Air Force fired at the base – three missiles flew to the target, the remaining five were shot down. Israel has not yet commented on the report of the Russian defense department.

The political leadership of Israel and the army command of the country do not confirm or deny involvement in the attack on the airfield “Tifor” (T-4), which two months ago was already the target of the Israeli bombardment as the alleged location of Iran’s drones.