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Iran says it is ready to defend Saudi Arabia after Trump’s comments

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that the US president does not hesitate to talk frankly that the survival of his country in Syria or not depends on the money paid by others to him and therefore Trump and the US military are looking for financial sources to loot.

“If you can not survive, the Iraqi people will defend Iraq and we are ready to defend Iraq, and the Saudi people will defend Saudi Arabia and we are ready to defend Saudi Arabia,” Truman said. About the region.

“The opposite of what Trump says is true, the region will enjoy full security in the event of the final departure of America What is the security achieved by America for the region Did you achieve security by occupying Iraq or Afghanistan Did you achieve security by arming Saudi Arabia and bombing the Yemeni people with this weapon?

“Some have lost their minds to the greed of billionaires owned by some Arab countries in the region, the US president is a real estate agent and towers and they do not understand politics,” Rouhani said.