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Iran Supreme Leader called Trump’s statement about the US victory over the IS a lie

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe words of US President Donald Trump that the US defeated the terrorist group “Islamic State” * is a lie, the supreme leader of Iran Ali Khamenei said.

“Those who openly or secretly supported Yeshiva yesterday (Arabic abbreviation IS – ed.), Today declare that they are fighting with them (militants IS – ed.) and defeated them. This is not true,” Khamenei said, the record of which statement was published by the Iranian state broadcaster.

“In that speech, when the president of America several hours earlier stated that (the US – ed.) Were able to defeat the IS, it is a lie: explicit and open!” – noted the supreme leader of Iran.

Khamenei in connection with the attack on Syria also called the presidents of the United States and France, as well as the Prime Minister of Great Britain, criminals.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump addressed the nation, in which he announced the strikes against Syria, the fact of which was also confirmed by Britain and France. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported that on April 14, from 3.42 Moscow time to 5.10 Moscow time, aircrafts and ships of the US Armed Forces jointly with the Air Forces of Great Britain and France issued over 100 cruise missiles and air-to-ground missiles for objects of the military and civilian infrastructure of the Syrian Arab Republic, which was shot down by Syrian air defense means on approach to the targets.