Iran: the countdown to the end of the Israeli regime is launched

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) – The commander of the Iranian army’s ground forces made a speech in the run-up to Army Day on April 18 (29 farvardin of the Iranian calendar), during which he declared that the countdown of the Israeli occupation regime was launched.

“Saudi officials believe that by turning their country into a giant military arsenal, they can buy security. What a beautiful illusion! Amir Kyoumars Heidari said today, Friday, April 13, 2018.

After praising the accomplishments of the Islamic Republic of Iran during all these years, especially during the Iraq-Iran war, Heidari said: “Today, with the help of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian armed forces have reached maturity and have put on their agendas the countdown to the end of the Zionist regime. The time is over when the enemy allowed himself to threaten us with impunity. Our armed forces are stronger than ever. They have the chance to be commissioned by the Leader, to be independent of the rest of the world and to be very well equipped.”

“Today, our country is the most stable country in this volatile region,” Heidari said, concluding that the Iranian armed forces would achieve all their goals with the help of the Guide and the people.