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Iranian army chief speaks of “removing Israel”

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe commander of the Iranian army, Major General Abdul Rahim Mousavi said that 25 years is the deadline for the “removal” of Israel.

Mousavi said in a speech at the “Forum of Defenders of the House of Martyrs” on the anniversary of the birth of Imam Hussein and the day of the Revolutionary Guard, that the threats facing Iran today do not know the borders, and it is not right “to sit at home until the enemies enter our borders and confront them.

Moussaoui stressed the need not to allow adding one day to the continuation of Israel, which he described as “an evil and evil entity” in life, warning that “arrogant leaders” are making frameworks for its continuity.

He said: “Certainly will be a period of 25 years is the maximum time to remove the Zionist entity, but that does not mean that the Revolutionary Guards leave the border and not launch an attack on the enemies.”

The Iranian army commander said that the threats are multiple today, and the Revolutionary Guard should stand in the face of all kinds of political, cultural, economic and other challenges.