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Iranian Revolutionary Guard: US is under our orders in the Gulf

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s naval force, Admiral Ali Fadavi, said that the Americans are incapable of committing any folly in the Gulf and bowing to the orders of the Iranian forces.

“We never planned to take them prisoners, but we are used to the tasks we have,” Fadavi said during an interview with the Fars news agency on Sunday. And be in full readiness to defend the revolution, including that we take the initiative to arrest any vessel, whatever its nationality enters a place should not be in it.

“American families in 2016 happened for the fourth time because we captured them twice and the British also twice, and this time it was highlighted a lot because it happened in a special period of time,” the admiral said.

On the confrontation of the Revolutionary Guard with the Americans in the Gulf, Fadavi pointed out that the late Imam Khomeini’s statement that Iran will tarnish America’s taste of humiliation in the Persian Gulf is now a reality on the ground and they themselves admit it.

“We are now in the best possible position in the Persian Gulf. When Americans admit that they can not commit any folly in the Persian Gulf and take an emotional situation in front of us, there is no need to respond to the claims and misdeeds of their young agents in the region,” he said.

“The Americans themselves admit that they are bowing to us in the Persian Gulf, and those who want to see it can take our ships there,” he said.

“We do not regard any Muslim country as our enemy, but unfortunately we find on the other side that these countries lack the will and we are ashamed when the US president addresses these countries with some ridiculous words,” Fadavi said.