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Iranian Revolutionary Guard: US will not be able to see our military capabilities

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) – The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s naval forces, General Ali Fadavi, said that America will not be able to see the country’s military capabilities until it is too late and that it will not be able to do anything then.

“According to the Koran, the preparation of the force is a divine duty. We can say that in the past 34 years, we have not lost any day and never failed to gain and develop our defensive capabilities,” Fadavi told Tasnim.

“We have hidden the bulk of the war capabilities of the Iranian navy,” he said.

The Iranian Brigadier pointed out that there are five programs to develop the capabilities of the naval force during the current year, which is at the levels of “navigational and missile, naval units and air support, in addition to the aircraft.”

Fadavi stressed that the other area of ​​interest is “the development of the capabilities of Iran’s coastal missiles.”

“The IRGC naval intervention units are ready to carry out any mission and to face any potential threat from their enemies,” Fadavi said.

Brigadier Fadwee concluded by saying that the UAV has a wide range of unmanned aircraft and is ready to carry out any sort of operations.