Iranians killed by coronavirus did not contact people from China

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — Two Iranians who died from a coronavirus in Qom did not have contact with Chinese citizens or people who were in China, said Masoud Mardani, a member of the National Committee on Infectious Diseases at the Iranian Ministry of Health.

On Wednesday, it became known that two people died in Iran from a coronavirus, both of them Iranians, residents of Qom. The Iranian Ministry of Health said it did not receive information about cases of infection in other parts of the country.

According to Mardani, the dead Iranians did not contact people coming from China or Chinese citizens.

“The committee for the investigation of infectious diseases in the Ministry of Health is now figuring out a method for transmitting coronavirus to those infected in Qom, but it is likely that the disease was transmitted through one of the travelers who came from (one of) neighboring states, although we cannot confirm the place of transmission of the virus,” he added official.

Mohammad Reza Gadir, rector of Kumsk University of Medical Sciences, had previously told IRNA that two hospitals would be quarantined to suspect coronavirus. He also said that the situation with the virus in Qom is under control, advising not to worry about its spread.

The state-owned television and radio company IRIB indicated that it was decided in Qom to cancel classes at schools and universities on Thursday to study the situation in light of the situation with coronavirus.

Qom is a pilgrimage site for Shiite Muslims from around the world.

On December 31, 2019, Chinese authorities informed the World Health Organization of an outbreak of unknown pneumonia in Wuhan in the central part of the country (Hubei Province).

Experts have identified the causative agent of the disease – this is a new coronavirus. WHO recognized the outbreak as an emergency of international importance and gave the disease its official name – COVID-19.

The number of people infected in mainland China has already exceeded 74.1 thousand people, more than two thousand people have died, almost 14.4 thousand have been cured. Outside of China, over 900 infections have been detected in 25 countries.


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