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Iraq threatens US with jihad for Syria

IRAQ (OBSERVATORY) – A well-known Iraqi security analyst says that religious leaders and Islamic resistance groups of Iraqi Shiites are issuing a warning to the US regarding a possible attack on Syria and even threatening America with total jihad.

According to a report made on Thursday by the news agency IRNA, Hashim Al-Hashemi, in a note he published on his Twitter page after Washington’s threats of striking Syria, wrote that religious authorities and representatives of the Islamic resistance of Shiite groups Iraq issued a warning to the US – in case the attack on Syria does take place, they will declare America “total jihad”.

Without specifying the specific names of the religious leaders and authorities of the Iraqi Shiites, he writes that if the United States by its attack on Syria imposes a political imbalance in the region and will act contrary to the will of the Syrian leadership, government forces and allies of Damascus, America can not avoid “total jihad” .

Al-Hashemi also recalls that Shiite religious shrines in Syria should “stay away” from all military and political conflicts.

At the same time, one of the prominent Iraqi activist bloggers known in social networks, Bassam Al-Nasrallah, also known for his proximity to the government of Haider Abadi (Iraqi Prime Minister), wrote on his Twitter page: Iraq’s position on the complication of Russian-American relations in connection with Syria and the verbal confrontation of the two states also remains neutral.

He also added that Iraq is a country that is friendly to America, but at the same time “to some extent a friend” of Iran and Russia, and for Iraq in such a situation it would be prudent to “stick to one’s own interests” and stay away from this confrontation.

He also added that the positions of Iraq and Lebanon relative to Syria are similar, and that both countries object to a military strike against Syria.

At the same time, one of the groups of Islamic resistance, a movement called the “An-Nujab” militia, threatened with armed opposition to these threats and neutralization of such threats, in the same way as earlier threats to the independent Iraqi and Syrian states by extremist and terrorist groups – IS and “Jabhat-an-Nusra”.

Muqtada Al-Sadr, leader of the Iraqi radical Sadr movement, also warned that Trump’s bellicose statements about Syria pose a serious threat and threaten to completely destabilize the region.

Regarding the latest statements of US President Donald Trump, who called the military intervention against Syria and the intervention in the Syrian crisis “a very possible scenario,” As-Sadr said that such statements have a pronounced provocative nature.

Stressing at the same time that the movement and its supporters are ready for defense along the western borders of Iraq (bordering in the west with the SAR), he also warned that in case of danger to Shiite shrines in Syria, the movement will not remain an indifferent observer.

Donald Trump, recall, last Wednesday in his next “militant” “tweet” threatened that Washington is ready to give an order to attack Syria with “smart” and the latest missiles.

The American leadership, and, after him, a number of other Western countries, presenting to Damascus groundless accusations of using chemical weapons in the vicinity of the Syrian city of the Duma, launched a massive information and political campaign against the Syrian state and its allies.

Leading analysts and commentators on the problems of the Middle East region, referring to the experience of all previous military conflicts involving the United States in the region, particularly in Afghanistan and Iraq, warn that any new military intervention from outside into local conflicts will entail consequences that will not be difficult only prevent, but also simply predict and control.