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Israel destroys Hamas tunnel with chemical agents

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIsrael destroyed a Hamas tunnel using chemical agents.

The Israeli army announced on Sunday (April 15th) that it had discovered a Hamas-owned tunnel on the border between the Gaza Strip and occupied Palestine.

According to the Israeli daily Haaretz , “the tunnel discovered was several kilometers long and it connected the Gaza Strip to Israel [Occupied Palestine – ed]. The tunnel was destroyed by chemical agents placed there by Israeli forces.”

This is the first time Israelis have used chemicals to destroy Hamas tunnels, which they used to destroy with explosives.

Haaretz adds that “it is impossible to use the tunnel again”.

The Israeli army announced that the destroyed tunnel was dug after the 2014 war against the Gaza Strip and that it was the fifth tunnel that was discovered and destroyed at the Gaza border in the course of six years. last months.