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Israel: Iran-Putin friendship more dangerous than S-300 in Syria

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – “Although the deployment of Russian S-300 anti-aircraft systems in Syria is detrimental to Israel’s interests, Tel-Aviv is more concerned about the strategic rapprochement between Vladimir Putin’s Russia and Iran,” the daily wrote on Wednesday. Israeli Haaretz.

The author claims that Syria and Iran have been urging the Kremlin for a decade to equip them with S-300 air defense systems to strengthen their defenses against Israel’s airstrikes, but that Tel Aviv had succeeded so far in persuading Moscow not to deliver them from S-300.

“However, Iran received its first S-300s in 2016 and Russia recently announced that these anti-aircraft missile systems would be delivered to Syria shortly. This explains why the Minister of Military Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, has just said that the Israeli army would target the S-300 systems in Syrian territory.”

According to Haaretz , Lieberman’s anger is understandable because he does not want Israeli military planes to lose their freedom of action in the Syrian skies. “To achieve this goal, Lieberman is ready to enter into a veritable diplomatic standoff against Moscow,” reads this article.

But Haaretz emphasizes that Israeli leaders have another worry even more worrying: the creation of Iranian military bases in Syria, not far from the borders of occupied Palestine. In other words, if Tel-Aviv wants to keep its freedom of action in the Syrian skies, it is rather to be able to attack any Iranian bases in this country. However, the deployment of S-300 systems in Syria would make the task too difficult for Israelis.

The author of the article believes that the installation of the Russian S-300 in Syria carries a “serious” message for Israel: a strategic rapprochement between President Putin’s Russia and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

“So far, Moscow has prevented Israel from coming into direct confrontation with Iran. The Iran-Russia partnership to support Bashar al-Assad’s government in Syria and the forthcoming delivery of S-300 systems in Damascus prove that for the Kremlin the consolidation of the alliance with Tehran takes precedence over Russian-Israeli relations. This Iran-Russia rapprochement is more worrying for Israel than the mere deployment of S-300 in Syria. “