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Israel is attacking Iran for “launching” rockets at Saudi Arabia

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIsraeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has backed Saudi accusations against Iran of being behind the rocket attacks on the kingdom.

“I heard today the statements made by the Iranian Foreign Minister (Mohammad Javad Zarif), who accuses Israel of violating international law,” Netanyahu said in a speech at a ceremony held in the presence of IDF General Staff members on the occasion of Israel’s 70th Independence Day. Is what the foreign minister of a state is saying, sending armed marines to Israel and firing rockets at Saudi Arabia.”

Israel added: “I also heard his moderate words and there is a huge gap between these words and the actions of the Revolutionary Guard, which sends an army against Israel under its declared goal of the destruction of the State of Israel.

He continued: “These words do not affect me, I trust this forum and the Israeli Defense Forces prepared for any possibility and for any scenario, I raise the cup to the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces.”

Earlier in the day, Zarif accused the Israeli authorities of “continuing to violate international laws, expecting that their accountability would never be met by the support of the United States.” He also warned Israel against launching new strikes on Syrian territory, Saying such measures would “have repercussions”.

Netanyahu’s response to the attack and his support for the Saudi side’s statements came at a time when Israel and Saudi Arabia are coming closer to the backdrop of their identical positions on the threat emanating from Iran, which they regard as “the most destabilizing and supportive state of terrorism in the Middle East.”

Despite the absence of formal relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel over the Palestinian issue, Netanyahu has repeatedly called for an international alliance in the Middle East against Iran that includes “multiple countries” in the region, in a clear reference to Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Crown Prince Prince Salman bin Salman said earlier this month that the kingdom and Israel were facing a common enemy of Iran, which the kingdom accuses of supporting Huthi forces in Yemen, including rocket attacks on Saudi soil.

On March 24, Air India began commercial commercial flights to Israel via Saudi airspace with a unique license from the Kingdom, which had previously prohibited air travel to Israel through its airspace. Netanyahu described the development as a historic event, Long-term behind the scenes.

This coincided with the Saudi leaders conducting extensive meetings with Jewish religious organizations inside and outside the Kingdom.

The two sides intensified these exchanges under US President Donald Trump, who took office in January 2017, in May of the same year, his first foreign tour, which began in Saudi Arabia and continued in Israel, and which the current administration of the United States considers its main allies in the Middle East.