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Israel is not ready to enter a next war – TV

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) -Israeli military units, including the air force, the army and the mechanized armored corps, are unwilling to participate in any war, according to a report from the Israeli Ministry of Homeland Security’s monitoring unit.

In reference to other weak points of the Israeli regime, the Israeli TV channel KONE announced that the incompetence of individuals who have important positions in the military centers as well as the under-strength in the army had negative effects on the willingness of this regime to participate in any war.

Citing an ex-Israeli general, the report added that, panicked and worried about an upcoming war, he can not sleep at night.

David Fanberg, vice president of the Qods Strategic Studies Association, said he was skeptical about the Israeli army’s ability to take part in a future war, adding that the collective morale and willingness to fight forces Israeli women were at their lowest.