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Israel is waiting for a possible Iranian strike: newspaper

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe newspaper “Haaretz” Hebrew, that Israel is waiting for a possible Iranian strike in different places of the world, in response to the bombing of the airport, “Tifor” Syrian military in the countryside of Homs, which killed seven Iranian soldiers.

“Israel is still waiting for a possible Iranian strike, on the Golan Heights or wherever Tehran chooses, aimed at Israeli interests around the world,” the newspaper quoted military expert Amos Harel as saying.

“As time goes by, decision-makers in Tehran are becoming more aware of the complexity that may accompany this response. However, the operational assumption of the Israeli security establishment remains that this response is possible and very likely,” he said.

“On the face of it, the range of possibilities available to the Iranians is great. In recent decades, Iran and Hezbollah have been involved separately in two attacks in Argentina, a suicide bombing in Bulgaria and a series of attempts to harm Israeli diplomats and tourists.”

“Any Iranian missile strike will increase the opposition to its missile project ahead of a possible US decision to abandon the nuclear deal on May 12. The attack on a target far from the Middle East requires a lengthy preparation process, if not prepared in advance,” he said.

The expert pointed out that “the attack from the Syrian front remains the most likely option” to Israel.

He stressed the “relatively high vigilance of the Israeli army in the Golan, where it appears that the army is trying not to leave weaknesses in its defense system, coincided with frequent military sessions in the General Staff to monitor events in several ways.”

Two F-15 fighter jets bombed the Syrian military airport of Tifur on Monday (April 14th). The Russian side confirmed that they had followed the Israeli air force.