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Israel seeks to hide its crimes

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) -The Knesset has approved a bill that prohibits filming Israeli soldiers operating in the West Bank.

In order to avoid any questioning of the Israeli military committing all kinds of crimes against the Palestinians, the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset, has just approved a bill to ban the filming of its soldiers operating in the West Bank.

The law provides for a prison term of three to ten years for anyone who films the Israeli military on the pretext that it disrupts operations.

According to experts interviewed by Israeli channels, the law threatens the media and all those who want to know what is really happening on the ground. Accusing camera operators of threatening Israel’s security demonstrates that the Israeli army violates not only all international laws when it comes to Palestinians, but also limits freedom of expression and the media.

In addition, Israel’s Minister of Homeland Security, Gilad Ardan, is seeking to ensure impunity for police forces, including those at the border, said Al-Mayadeen correspondent.