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Israel threatens to “continue to move” against Iran in Syria

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) –¬†Two Israeli ministers warned Sunday that Tel Aviv would continue to “move” against Iran in Syria, a week after Israeli bombardment of the Tifur airport in central Syria’s Homs countryside.

“We will continue to act against the military presence of Iran in Syria, which is a threat to Israel’s security,” said Israeli Internal Security Minister Gilad Arad, a member of the security cabinet.

Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett, a member of the security cabinet, said Israel had full freedom of movement. “We will not allow Iran to be based in Syria and our northern borders can not become an open ground for Bashar Assad,” he said.

Israel has targeted eight missiles at the military airport “Tifor” in Homs, central Syria recently, killing seven Iranian soldiers, while Israel has not officially announced the launch of the raid, and Syria and Russia that the defenses of the Syrians dropped five of the eight missiles.