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Israel to prepare for the consequences of its attack on Iranian base in Syria

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áThe Islamic Republic of Iran has promised to punish Israel for attacking the T4 base in Syria.

The secretary of the Supreme Council for National Security of the Islamic Republic of Iran said: “Iran’s punitive measures are certain, but it is obviously up to the Islamic Republic to decide when, where, and how. response to Israel’s criminal action.”

Before leaving Tehran, this Tuesday, April 24, to go to Russia, to take part in the Sochi Conference on Security, Rear-Admiral Ali Shamkhani, representative of the Leader of the Islamic Revolution and Secretary of the Supreme Council of Security National, responded to a series of questions from journalists on various topics.

Asked about his meeting with the Russian president’s special envoy about Israel’s airstrike on the T4 military base, which killed several Iranian soldiers, Ali Shamkhani said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran has paid a heavy price to restore security in the Middle East and fight against takfirist terrorism. It can not stand idly by the destabilizing measures of the United States, the Israeli regime and some of its allies.”

“Iranian military advisers are present in Syria at the request of the legitimate government of Syria. Their mission is to fight against the growing threat of terrorism and have largely contributed to the fight against this phenomenon, “said Ali Shamkhani.

He then focused on Israel’s airstrike against the T4 military base, saying the Israeli regime should be prepared for the consequences of its attack.

“When a regime allows itself to violate a country’s airspace and target the forces that fight terrorism, in a premeditated and pre-organized act, it should have thought about and prepared for the consequences of its act. The aggressor will undoubtedly be punished, but it is the Islamic Republic of Iran that will decide when, where and how these reprisals will take place. If the Israeli regime still does not understand that the time when force is used to achieve its goals is over, it will have to pay the price.”

Asked about the nuclear deal, Rear-Admiral Ali Shamkhani criticized some countries, which claim to follow international laws and rules, for failing to meet the commitments they made under the 2015 nuclear deal.

“The NPT reserves to its signatories the right to withdraw in case their interests are threatened,” he added.

“When international agreements lose their effectiveness because of the illegal behavior of some countries, other signatories are no longer obliged to respect them,” he said.