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Israel will no longer be able to penetrate the Syrian sky

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – For the pan – Arab newspaper Rai al-Youm , it will be almost impossible for Israeli fighters and missiles to cross Syrian airspace, because Moscow has announced that it will equip Syrian defense systems S-300.

The newspaper Rai al-Youm wrote: “Relations between Russia and Israel have not been good lately, especially since Israel attacked the T4 Syrian military airport on 9 April. We can even say that their relations are at their lowest level, especially since the Russian Foreign Ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador to Russia and that Vladimir Putin warned Benyamin Netanyahu against taking new measures that may increase instability in the Middle East region.”

Israeli Minister of Military Affairs Avigdor Lieberman said yesterday, Monday, April 16, 2018, that the Israeli regime will never accept the restrictions imposed by Damascus or another government in the region and that it will continue as it sees fit. actions in Syria and elsewhere. Liebermann even added: “The Israeli military will retain its full freedom, that is to say it will continue its attacks in Syria. Because it will not let Iran establish its military presence in Syria and make this country a bridgehead to launch attacks against Israel.”

For Raï al-Youm’s journalist , “it is more than shameful that the Israeli authorities are protesting against any restrictions on the violation of Syria’s airspace and land, even when it comes from a superpower like Russia. , and that they insist on continuing their attacks against this country. What Israeli officials have not understood is that Syrian airspace is no longer a vast open field for their fighters and missiles.”

Rai al-Youm adds that Israel participated well in the tripartite invasion of Syria that took place on Saturday, that this participation consisted in providing intelligence and that Israel even paved the way for the aggressors with its attack on the country.

T4 base of April 9 that killed 14 Syrian and Iranian soldiers and that this Israeli aggression will certainly result in retaliation from Damascus and its allies. In this regard, Rai al-Youm reports that Moscow has announced that it will skimp on any means to defend Syria and that S-300 could be delivered soon in Damascus.

“Lieberman and his generals may not be aware that the days when Israeli fighters were violating Syria’s airspace freely and bombing what they wanted are over. Since the beginning of this year, the Syrian Air Force has made tremendous progress in resisting any Israeli air attack.

In this regard we can mention three events, the most important of which are the destruction of the F-16 fighter and the interception of 71 Tomahawk missiles out of the 103 fired on Saturday by the tripartite coalition, “the pan-Arab newspaper recalls.

Finally, Rai al-Youm concludes: “Israel is one of those who lost the most in Saturday’s attack on Syria. Because it will no longer fly freely in the Syrian sky without being intercepted and that S-300 missiles will soon be on the lookout for Syrian bombers and missiles. And this in the event that we put aside a response [the other side].”