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Israeli army on high alert at the border with Syria

ISRAEL (OBSERVATORY) –¬†While in Damascus, residents took to the streets to denounce the strike US / France / Britain and in Homs, one of the so-called target largely hit strikes, the inhabitants lead a perfectly normal life in Israel, it’s panic on board.

Israeli media have expressed support of Israel’s intelligence minting the United States / United Kingdom / France in their military operation at dawn Saturday in Syria and concerns that exist regarding a “joint response” to this strike.

Referring to Israeli sources, Al-Ahed reported that Israel had made available to the US / UK / France coalition information regarding Syrian targets that were struck on the night of Friday to Saturday. Israel’s intelligence support for this strike once again confirms the direct commitment of the Tel Aviv regime to the war against the Syrian state and its allies and exposes it from the outset to a retaliation.

“The United States had of course informed Israel of their strikes this morning in Syria,” Israeli sources said.

Since Saturday’s attacks on targets in Damascus and Homs, the Israeli army is on alert at the borders with Lebanon and Syria. According to Israeli sources, one of the strikes reportedly targeted a Syrian army base on the borders with Lebanon. The strikes, however, did not hit Russian targets, either in Tartous or Hmeimim.

The Syrian DCA has managed, according to SANA, to intercept one third of the missiles fired, a hundred according to the Russian Defense.

A senior Israeli official – who did not dare to reveal his identity, however, paid tribute on the Israeli television channel 10 to the United States for their strikes against Syria, accusing Damascus of placing himself endangered by his collaboration with “Iran”.

This statement refers to recently published information that Tel-Aviv and Riyadh have multiplied messages to Assad, demanding that he put an end to his “privileged relations” with the axis of the Resistance, s’ he wants the end of the war.

“Trump announced in 2017 that the use of chemical weapons in Syria was for him a” red line “and that the use of such weapons in Syria would be the subject of an” immediate response “by Washington, “resumes the Israeli official as to mean that the Israeli contribution to the strike of April 14 was under the US banner and that it did not directly engage Israel.

While Western media had reported the possibility of widespread Western attacks in Syria, the Pentagon announced the end of the military operation Saturday morning of the Western trio in Syria in which only a few military bases and buildings were affected.

Israel targeted eight missiles on Monday, April 8 at the T4 military airfield in the suburbs of Homs. 14 people were killed including 7 Iranian military advisers. Iran has promised a “scathing riposte” to this attack.