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Israeli intelligence passes Tehran image for Iranian base in Syria

IRAN (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIsraeli and British media are broadcasting a satellite image of Tehran and portraying it as an Iranian base in Syria.

The Israeli media has broadcast several aerial photographs claiming that this would be evidence of Iran’s military presence in Syrian territory. They did not reveal the source of these images.

A week after the Israeli fighter aircraft raided the T4 airport in Syria, in which fourteen people, including seven Iranian advisers, were killed, Israeli regime leaders launched a media campaign for fear of retaliation. from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

It is in this context that the Israeli media broadcast a map and several aerial photographs claiming to be able to spot on these images the deployment of drones of the Corps of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution (CGRI) as well as an Iranian civilian plane that would have been used to transfer soldiers and military equipment to Syria.

Several Western media say that these images and related information come from sources inside the Israeli regime’s army. However, the latter has not published any information on this subject.

At the same time, the Israeli regime’s media reports that the regime’s army is preparing to counter any retaliatory action by Iran. These media claim that the publication of this information would suggest that Israeli military intelligence is monitoring the situation.

The Jerusalem Post quoted a spokesman for the Israeli army as saying that Israel’s military forces would be ready to counter any military action from Syrian territory.

Other sources such as the news site Ynet suggest that the Israeli army would be on alert since last week’s strike against the T4 air base in the Syrian province of Homs.

A week ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a telephone conversation, asked Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu to avoid any act that would further destabilize Syria.

Meanwhile, Israeli sources, quoting a spokesman for the Israeli regime’s army, again broadcast satellite images and information claiming it would still be an air base and a center. drone control of Iranian forces in Syria. Immediately, several Western media, including the BBC channel, retransmitted these images and information.

However, it is curious to know that the image broadcast by the Jerusalem Post , supposed to present “an air base of the Iranian military forces in Syria”, is in fact only a “Google Map” image of the international airport from Mehrabad, in western Tehran, to which he applied a mirror effect to reverse its meaning.

The legend of the Jerusalem Post presents this image in this way: “Photo made by the Israel Defense Army, taken on April 17, 2018, proving the Iranian involvement in Syria (Source: Spokesman of the Defense Army Israel). ”

On this so-called image of Israeli military intelligence, Tehran’s Azadi Square is clearly visible, not far from the airstrips of the Mehrabad Civil Airport.

After this first blunder of the Jerusalem Post and the Israeli army, it is the BBC that makes a second by reframing the image so that the iconic Azadi place no longer appears on this Google Map image, so that people believe more easily than it is not a satellite image of Tehran but by the way. And why not somewhere in Syria?