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Israeli missiles targeted airbase in eastern Homs in Syria (VIDEO)

SYRIA (OBSERVATORY) – According to the International Department Syria’s local sources announce the activation of the Army’s air defense systems to deal with several rockets fired at Homs, Fars News Agency reported.

Sanaa’s official Syrian news agency announced Tuesday that several rockets entered the airspace of the Homs province, which had been activated and intercepted by defense systems to deal with them.

The Syrian military announced at approximately 1:10 A.M. (Damascus Time), the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles towards the Shay’rat Airbase and its surrounding area in the Homs Governorate, Al-Masdar reports.

The al-Awl al-Hurbi media reported that the missiles were fired at the al-Shi’arat airport in Hafs Rif, which was tracked by the air defense system.

According to other unconfirmed reports, Syrian air-defenses are said to have shot down unidentified objects over the capital Damascus, with locals reporting up to 7 missiles have been fired, although it was not clear what the targets were.

According to Al-Masdar News, the Syrian Air Defense fired several missiles at suspected Israel warplanes that reportedly entered from eastern Lebanon. The the Syrian Air Defense reportedly continues to target these suspected warplanes.

According to the Syrian military statement, the Syrian Air Defense managed to intercept several of the missiles, but there was no mention as to whether or not the Israelis scored any direct hits.