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Israeli occupation forces are building a settlement outpost for their soldiers in occupied Jerusalem

PALESTINE (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIsraeli authorities began on Monday, razing 56 dunums in the territory of the neighborhood brilliant images in occupied Jerusalem, and the uprooting of perennial olive trees, having land confiscated from their owners, for the purpose of establishing a special settlement neighborhood soldiers and officers of the occupation.

While the Palestinian intelligence announced the arrest of a gang that tried to divert land to parties in the Israeli occupation.

Israeli bulldozers raided early hours of the morning, reinforced by Israeli occupation forces, besieged the targeted area and began to raze areas and uproot olive trees. One of the owners of the land, Ahmad Nimer and the WAFA agency, said that large Israeli forces besieged the area to protect large bulldozers that began to uproot long-standing olive trees on 56 dunums belonging to several families from the area: Nimr, Amira, Awad and Dweiyat.

He explained that the land was planted with more than 500 olive trees, about 100 years ago from the time of grandparents and fathers, are plowing the land and harvest the olive harvest from them annually, indicating that the owners of land tried to explain the subject to the occupation officer that the issue of this land is still in the courts and there A decision to freeze the work for two months.

The Israeli occupation authorities issued a decision in 1972 to seize the land. The owners of the land went to the Israeli courts to prove their ownership and their right to their land. In 1984, the judge of the Israeli court decided to prevent construction in the land for the benefit of the settlements.

In 2010, the occupation announced its intention to build a settlement on these lands, comprising 160 housing units for the occupation forces. The Jerusalem families returned landowners and objected to the project. The so-called “Protector of the Land of Israel” raised the issue of “eviction of olive trees” It was planted after the decision to confiscate it from the military governor.

However, two months ago, the Israeli occupation court issued a decision to evacuate the land from the trees and to follow up the case with the courts. The Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal filed against the first decision. No hearing was held on the case, while the families appealed the decision. two months.

In a related context, the Palestinian intelligence service announced on Monday that it had recently arrested in Ramallah a network of land leaks in favor of the occupation, in the context of its permanent follow-up of the land file, and in a delicate and complex intelligence operation, according to a statement published by the official Palestinian news agency,” he said.

The intelligence service said in its statement that the investigation led to important information, evidence and documents indicating land leaks in favor of the occupation in several governorates. The network was in the process of executing deals to leak them in favor of the occupation before they were arrested.

He added that, in partnership with the competent authorities, he had now suspended all actions relating to the targeted territories of the crime.