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Israeli planes hit northern Gaza Strip

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY) – Israeli air force planes resumed Tuesday night bombings against the Gaza Strip, the army press service announced, after a day of gunfire and media reports that both parties would be ready for a cease-fire.

Israeli warplanes carried out further strikes against the northern Gaza Strip on Tuesday night, a Palestinian radio reported. The IDF subsequently confirmed that it had resumed attacks against the Palestinian enclave.

“The Israel Defense Forces is currently operating in the Gaza Strip,” the statement said.

The new fire was fired in response to Israel’s shelling from the Gaza Strip. The air sirens sounded again in the regional councils of Sha’ar HaNegev and Hof Ashkelon, as well as in the cities of Netivot, Sdot Nedev and Bnei Shimon, said Tsahal. As reported by Al-Arabiya, missiles were reportedly launched in the evening from the Palestinian territory against southern Israel.

Israeli journalists have shared videos likely to demonstrate the Iron Dome air defense system to counter mortar and rocket fire.

Earlier, media reported that the Islamic Jihad movement had announced a ceasefire with Israel, which, according to Sky News Arabiya, had rejected the news.
Earlier on Tuesday, the Israeli army said it had struck 35 targets in the Gaza Strip and called Tuesday’s attacks “the strongest strikes in the last four years.”

The tension on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip has been intense for two months following the Palestinian protests as part of the Great March of Return. Since March 30, about 120 protesters have been killed in clashes with Israeli forces.