Israeli settler stabbed in Quds

JERUSALEM (OBSERVATORY) –┬áIsraeli media reported a stabbing attack on an Israeli settler.

A settler was stabbed by a person whose identity is still unknown in a commercial complex in central Quds, al-Arabiya channel reported.

Qods, for its part, reported an intense shooting in this commercial complex in the city of Quds.

As May 14, the date on which the United States intends to transfer the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Qods, protests have proliferated as part of the March of Great Return.

On December 6, 2016, US President Donald Trump said he recognized Qods as the capital of Israel and decided to transfer the US embassy there.

By organizing the “March of the Great Return” for five weeks and burning tires near the borders with occupied Palestine, residents of the Gaza Strip are protesting against this decision by Donald Trump.

Thousands of Palestinians were wounded and more than 40 others were martyred by the Israeli military during the demonstrations.