Italia decides to close public facilities in ten towns due to coronavirus

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — On Friday, authorities in northern Italy ordered the closure of schools, bars and public places in ten towns, after an increase in the number of new infections.

The authorities announced in a press conference that laboratory tests revealed that five doctors and nine people were infected with the virus in Lombardy, who had apparently attended a specific bar with a group of friends, and announced that two confirmed cases of the virus had been recorded in Veneto.

This decision was taken by the Ministry of Health, in agreement with the authorities of the two regions concerned, following the discovery of the first local hotspot in Italy in Codonio, near Lodi. In all, the authorities asked about 50,000 people in the Lombardy region to stay in their homes in the cities concerned.

Before the measure was taken, the mayor of Cuddronio (about 15,000 people), Francesco Basirini, had ordered the immediate closure of schools, municipal offices, food stores, bars, cabarets, and sports clubs. Justifying his decision that the discovery of the first six injuries created a “state of alert” in the town.

But in the evening, Minister Roberto Speranza announced that the number of cases had risen to 14 after they underwent tests that resulted in a positive result in terms of suspected infection with the new Corona virus, in Lombardy, in the vicinity of Codonio. And not all of them underwent examination for infection.

In Veneto, according to the regional head Luca Zaya, the results of the tests that two people underwent were positive for suspected HIV infection and one of them was in intensive care. However, the ministry said that these two cases are not confirmed.

The first injury in Italian Kudonio is 38 years old and is currently under intensive care in hospital. Likewise, his eight-month-old pregnant wife, along with their friend and three people who were in a local bistro, were among the confirmed injuries.

The health authorities in Lombardy have not been able to confirm with certainty the person who was first infected with the epidemic, but according to the Italian News Agency, Italy may be returning from China recently, having dinner several times with the man who was hospitalized.

To date, Italy has six confirmed cases of the epidemic, without counting the three injured in Cuddonio, who must undergo a second examination.


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