Italy announces the emergence of coronavirus in Tuscany and Sicily

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — The new Coronavirus spread Tuesday in the south of Italy, where it recorded infections in Tuscany and Sicily, while the Italian Civil Defense Service reported an increase in the number of infected people, prompting the Italian government to hold emergency talks in Rome with the participation of neighboring countries.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte blamed the spread of the virus on the weak management of a hospital in the north, causing seven deaths in Italy so far, the highest in Europe.

The Tuscany region announced the registration of the first two injuries, one of which was in the tourist city of Florence, while one was recorded in Sicily for a tourist from Lombardy, who recorded 212 injuries.

The tourist in Sicily, who was staying in a hotel in Palermo, is awaiting confirmation of her infection from the Institute of Infectious Diseases, according to Civil Defense chief Angelo Borelli.

Health ministers from neighboring countries will meet in Rome as the number of infections jumped to 283, with more than 50 new infections recorded since Monday.

It is expected that the European Union’s Health Commissioner, along with international officials, will arrive in the Italian capital today.

Canary Islands officials said hundreds of people were detained in their rooms at a Tenerife hotel after an Italian tourist was taken to a hospital suspected of having the Coronavirus.

While no neighboring country has closed its borders with Italy, several governments have announced additional measures for travelers from Italy, especially from the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto.

Measures include a medical examination leading to recommendations for self-isolation.

-“Mission Impossible”

Italian Sports Minister Vincenzo Spadafora announced on Monday that the outbreak of the Corona virus, which will take place in the country, will lead to the establishment of several football matches behind closed doors in the coming days, most notably the League Summit between Juventus and Inter.

Production of the new movie from the “Mission Impossible” series starring Tom Cruise, which is being filmed in Venice, also stopped, according to Paramount Studios.

The town of Kuduino, south of Milan, with around 15,000 people, is the main center of the virus’s spread in Italy.

Quarantine was imposed on many people in this town, in addition to other towns in northern Italy, in an attempt to stop the spread of the virus.

The “number one patient” as it was called by the Italian media, a 38-year-old man, was taken Wednesday to a hospital in Cuddonio, believed to have caused a large number of injuries in the Lombardy region, including his pregnant wife and a number of doctors, nurses and staff.

In addition to quarantined cities, extensive measures were imposed on tens of millions of people in northern Italy, with schools closed and cultural and sports activities canceled.

Elsewhere in the country, officials also recommend precautions.

Media reported that he asked worshipers in Calabria in the south of the country not to make a peace sign during the masses.

Most of the seven people who have died so far in Italy are either elderly or have health problems.


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