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Italy approached the formation of a coalition

ITALY (OBSERVATORY) –  Italy took a step closer to forming a coalition government, as the Italian president decided to promote negotiations between the country’s largest political parties, CNBC reports.

President Sergio Mattarella called on Senate Speaker Elizabeth Casellati to mediate between the main political parties in Italy to see if they can reach agreement on the formation of a new government after several weeks of unsuccessful negotiations.

Before Casellati, who is a member of the ruling right-wing party “Forward, Italy!” and was recently elected speaker of the Senate with the approval of the main parties in Italy, was tasked to explore the possibility of creating a coalition between the party “Five-Star Movement” and the alliance of center-right parties.

The general elections on March 4 led to a “hanging parliament”, where no party or coalition received sufficient votes for the majority. But the past vote radically changed the face of Italian politics, highlighting populists and supporters of the anti-establishment.

While the “Five-Star Movement” received the largest share of votes, the center-right coalition consisting of the “Forward, Italy!” former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, right-wing Lega Matteo Salvini and two other smaller parties, also received a large share of the vote.