Italy gradually being fortified against coronavirus

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — At the entrance to Casalbusterlingo, one of the northern Italian towns hit by the new Coronavirus, the soldier does not put a protective mask at the checkpoint, but raises his handkerchief to cover his nose in automatic movement as he approaches the drivers, in an area where the quarantine procedures are gradually being implemented.

Two roads branched from a small roundabout in the middle of the Lombardy region, were closed by customs cars. After these cars, the “Red Zone” begins, where the episodes of the new Corona virus have been discovered and where tens of thousands of residents have been subject in principle since Sunday to a severe quarantine.

Entry into the red is permitted only for trucks transporting basic commodities (medicines and food), police cars, medical personnel and people with exceptional licenses.

And also for the exit. But some drivers, as well as cyclists, cross the barrier and leave the stone area.

Askari explains that “they are not residents of the area, they only crossed it.” He acknowledged that quarantine measures are being implemented little by little and that the procedures are sometimes still flexible.

On the other hand, many drivers of cars and trucks are not permitted to cross in a calm environment. “Where will I go? What will I do?” Says one desperate driver. “He’s a jesters,” he adds, while turning, to get him back in a low voice.

– drinking water –

“The population in general is very cooperative,” says the military at the checkpoint.

And anxiety can still be contained. “If we get scared, what will happen?” Said Gianluca Bragalini, an employee of the Drinking Water Distribution Corporation as she prepared to enter the red zone with dozens of her colleagues. “We must ensure the functioning of public services. Imagine if there was a shortage of drinking water,” she added.

Angela Greche, a responsible for a cat protection establishment, arrives on foot. It expresses concern that soon there will be no food for eighty cats in the locality of Sumaglia, which is within the red zone.

“I was hoping to be able to deliver food to our local official, but we have to get permission from the county center,” she added. “I know, it seems trivial to worry about cats, but …” she says as she returns to her inclusion.

After imposing a quarantine on 11 cities, that is, isolating more than 50,000 people, Italy became the first European country to take strict measures to contain the Covid-19 epidemic.

Four people have died from the disease in the north of the country since Friday, and more than 200 injuries have been recorded. In Lombardy, Milan, the authorities decided to close schools for a week and cancel all cultural and sports activities.

– “Absurd mode” –

A few kilometers from Casalbosterlingo, another roundabout and another barrier.

The atmosphere also appears calm, but some scenes appear frightening, such as an ambulance entering the area inside which is an open coffin and driven by a man in a protective costume covering his entire body.

Stefano Medaglia, a 32-year-old carpenter, arrives with his wife and child in a stroller, on foot, to the roundabout.

“We went out for a little walk, we kept away from others, took our precautions,” he says. “There, there is calm, no worries. But the situation is strange and absurd,” says the man, who comes from the quarantine town of Bertonico.

Stefano expresses his concern about the activity of his family business in Sumaglia, which is also within the stone’s range. “I came here to ask the police if it is possible to move from one city to another within the Hajar area,” he explains.

However, he leaves with a somewhat vague answer.

At this time, some cars enter the area without knowing the actual cause. “As long as (the cars) remain on the main roads of the governorates, there is nothing wrong. You should not take the secondary roads and enter the villages,” said one police officer. But how can you verify this?


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