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Italy has become a new focus of coronavirus in Europe

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — A new outbreak of coronavirus has appeared in Europe. All day there are urgent reports of new victims in Italy – there are already six of them. Infected – more than 200. Residents sweep away everything from store shelves and lock themselves in their homes. Torn performances in “La Scala” and fashion shows.

The Venice Carnival has been canceled – carnival masks are hastily exchanged for medical ones. Italian tourists were not allowed to fly in Mauritius. And in France they detained a bus from Milan. Why did Italy choose the disease and who is next in line?

The more people beg not to panic, the faster the shelves in supermarkets empty. Shops are still open, but there are empty, as in pharmacies where there are no masks. In the tiny Kodonho, everyone understood as early as February 22 in the morning, when the military closed the city – on the order “not to let anyone in, not to let anyone out.”

A drone was launched over the city, and it became clear that the 15,000th city today is the twin brother of the 11 millionth Wuhan.

“Not a single living soul! As if on air the finals of the World Cup and Italy are on the finals,” the locals say.

In Italy, there are already more than two hundred positive tests for the virus. In half the cases, the disease proceeds without symptoms, the rest in the hospital, 23 people in intensive care. So far, there are two large outbreaks in the country – Lombardy (there are 169 patients, and it is here that there are fatal outcomes Emilia-Romagna (18) Veneto (32), Piedmont (4), Lazio (3).

“We are trying to contain the spread of the virus with exceptional precautionary measures. We have identified two foci of infection and intervened with the application of significant measures. Therefore, we believe that our country is safe and people can live in peace,” said Angelo Borelli, head of the Italian Civil Defense Service.

Isolation and prohibition are the most effective measures so far. Schools, universities in the north are closed, large enterprises are stopped. The country is not up to football and ballet – the games of the series “A” have been postponed. La Scala canceled concerts. The carnival in Venice also ended, barely starting. At Fashion Week, models walked the catwalk amid empty chairs. Museums are closed. The long-awaited concerts in Bologna by Denis Matsuev have been postponed.

Italy never figured out who he was, “patient zero,” from which global local infection began. But it doesn’t matter anymore – it’s a snowball. Only patient No. 1, the first to be diagnosed with coronavirus, infected two dozen people. He was full of energy and plans – waiting for his first child – and led an active life: during the incubation period he ran a half marathon, dined with friends 4 times, drank coffee in the same bar every morning.

This is what he honestly told the investigation, but not everything can already be traced, because the two victims of the virus were diagnosed after death.

Closing houses for two weeks is a voluntary decision of many Lombardy residents. “We thought it could start in Milan, a large city, but not in such a small town like ours. I closed myself in the house and worry about everything that is shown on television. Now we wait and hope that the sick will get better and everything will be fine again, “admitted one of the residents of Codogno.

Neighbors praise Italy for efficiency, but are afraid. On the eve of the border with Austria stopped the train. In Lina they check a bus from Milan – the driver has a suspicious cough. France has not yet closed its borders, but checks have begun. Switzerland has the same plans. In Mauritius, after checking, just in case, they deployed back the passengers of the Alitalia board – those with a residence permit in Lombardy and Veneto.


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