Italy in the red zone: coronavirus hit tourism and lifestyle

UNITED STATES (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — It became known about four new victims of coronavirus in Italy, which remains the main focus of the spread of infection in Europe . Altogether 21 people died, more than 800 people became infected.

The most dangerous situation in the northern region of Lombardy, there are most patients – about 400. There are a dozen cities in the quarantine zone.

The most dangerous place in Europe today is Codogno, the epicenter of the red zone of the coronavirus. They are not allowed into the city, cordons are standing. 10 villages of Lodi province have been completely isolated for almost a week now.

Football matches with empty stands, closed schools, children on the streets are not visible, adults do not leave their homes unnecessarily – this is how the rest of the north of Italy lives today. 50 km from the red zone is the town of Vigevano. The mood is alarming.

Journalists came to the editor-in-chief of a local newspaper, which had a loud headline the day before: “The first case of a coronavirus in Vigevano has been confirmed.”

“Aren’t you afraid of panic over your front page?”

– No, I do not think that we sowed a panic. The main thing is to know the truth. Journalists worked perfectly.

– This morning confirmed the second case of coronavirus?

– Yes, and I think the situation will develop further. This is not the end.

In the media and social networks, a fierce debate about how the authorities reacted to the infectious avalanche that covered the country has not subsided. And the long-standing confrontation between the north and the center only intensified.

– Why did this happen in Italy, and not in neighboring France or Spain?

“If they do as many checks as we do, they will have the same result, ” says Andrea Sala, mayor of Vigevano.

– Is the peak of the epidemic over?

“I think not yet.”

Espresso after lunch, prosecco for an aperitif and a long late dinner in the open air with friends – without this, real Italy cannot be imagined. But the crisis with coronavirus hit precisely the most powerful and, as it seemed, unshakable positions: tourism and the world-famous lifestyle – warm, carefree and very tasty. Restaurateurs are desperate, because now the last thing people do is go to drink coffee in a crowded place.

– How will Italians live without the usual meetings with friends on Saturdays and Sundays here in the square? How will the business live?

– Business collapsed by 70 percent, the damage is huge. But Italy always remains Italy. The first shock has passed , ”says Enzo Still, owner of the bar in Vigevano.

“ Can I have an aperitif on Sunday?”

– Of course! The bars are reopened. I hope everyone gathers here – all friends and the most beautiful women.

But despite this, residents are optimistic and endless Italian humor. True, this humor is sometimes black: “Thanks to the coronavirus. Trenitalia will sanitize all trains, which it has not done since 1973!”

The crazy prices for disinfectants, which have disappeared from pharmacies and supermarkets, but are always available from resellers on the Internet, are also heatedly debated.

So no panic: Bel Paese – as the Italians call their country – everything will start from scratch.


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