Italy is not going to participate in the fighting in Syria

ITALY (OBSERVATORY) –┬áItaly has never taken part and will not be involved in military operations in Syria, said Ansa on Wednesday evening, citing sources in the Italian government.

“Italy, as you know, never took part in military operations in Syria and always condemned any violation of human rights and every case of violence against civilians and considers it unacceptable to use chemical weapons by the Syrian regime,” the report said.

Sources in the government also emphasize that Italy will not be “directly involved in the actions” in Syria.

It is noted that “in accordance with international agreements and bilateral agreements, Italy has always supported allied forces to ensure their security and protection.”

The West previously accused Damascus of being a chimatak in the Syrian city of the Duma in East Ghouta. Moscow refuted information about the chlorine bomb allegedly dropped by the Syrian military. The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the goal of the throw-in on the use of poisonous substances by the troops of Syria is to shield the terrorists and justify possible power strikes from outside.

President of the United States Donald Trump promised until Wednesday to take a decision on the actions against Syria in response to the alleged use of chemical weapons in the RAA. Then he wrote on Twitter that Russia should be ready to shoot down missiles fired at Syria, which will be “good, new and” smart.”

Earlier, the leader of the “League” party and the candidate for the country’s premieres Matteo Salvini demanded from the Italian government to clarify its position regarding the possibility of military intervention in Syria.

In response to Salvini’s statement, Italian Deputy Foreign Minister Vincenzo Amendola noted that “Italy strongly condemns the use of chemical weapons, which it considers a war crime and a grave violation of international law.

“With this in mind, Italy is always side by side with its traditional allies: the United States, France and the United Kingdom,” Amendola said, quoted by the Italian Foreign Ministry.