Italy: outbreak of coronavirus turned into panic

ITALY (OBSERVATORY NEWS) — An outbreak of coronavirus COVID-19 can develop into a pandemic. Such a loud statement was made by the head of the World Health Organization. The disease covers all the new countries of Europe. The first cases were reported in Estonia and Poland.

The number of infected in Austria is growing, the disease has already appeared in Vienna. Meanwhile, the infection got to Israel: it was brought back by a local resident from Italy. Authorities close borders for foreigners who have visited the Apennines in the past 14 days. The entry of pilgrims to the Hajj and tourists was limited by Saudi Arabia.

Chinese citizens decided not to be allowed into Iran. There are already more than 200 patients. The vice president of women and family affairs has also become infected . There will be no traditional Friday prayers in the mosques of Tehran tomorrow.

In Japan, all classes in schools are canceled for a month. The hostage of the virus was a cruise ship from Italy – it is not allowed in ports in the Caribbean, as one of the crew members was suspected of having the disease. On board are four and a half thousand passengers.

On the sixth day of general hysteria, the Italians realized that it was necessary to fight not only with the virus, but also with the epidemic – an panic epidemic that threatens to bring down the country’s GDP, clearing it from tourists. In the morning, the mayor of Milan personally launches the video “Milan will not stop!”

100 thousand views, but nothing can be fixed. Easter predictions: 70 percent of hotel denials. In Italy there are already 14 dead, almost 600 infected. Perhaps not all cases will be confirmed, since there are questions about the tests that were issued in haste, they are imperfect. But the virus had already crawled out of the borders of Lombardy, the governor of which had announced the night before that it was shutting down in his office for self-isolation – his assistant test gave a positive result.

“In the coming days, you will see me like this, do not worry, it’s still me. I must protect everyone who has to come in contact with me, and this precaution applies to me,” said the governor of the province of Lombardy Attilio Fontana.

The outbreak has already been announced by French President Emmanuel Macron. There, the growth of infections and deaths – on the eve of a teacher who had not even been in Italy, died. Experts check his contacts.

In Germany, too, they cannot track the chain of infections – there are more than 20 cases. The Ministry of Health surrenders and announces the outbreak.

“We are forced to note the start of the epidemic in Germany,” said German Minister of Health Jens Spahn. “Recent infections in North Rhine-Westphalia and Baden-Württemberg confirm this. Unfortunately, the infection chains are partially undetectable, and it’s not clear whether our work previous virus containment strategy.”

The civil protection department has already compiled a list of what you need to have at home in case of quarantine – water, cookies, honey, eggs, candles, a lantern, batteries. In Italy, in the north have long been purchased.

“Where is the pasta ?! All the shelves are empty . What is happening ?! There was no such panic even when the Second World War began,” the elderly Italian is indignant.

Why supermarkets are empty in the country, now prosecutors are investigating. The case is accompanied by audio, which has been distributed on social networks, where a woman in a panic screams, “Run to the store, Milan will not be soon.” The joke was unsuccessful and out of time. Entrepreneurs selling masks and disinfecting gel at astronomical prices are also at risk. Masks are now the world’s most popular products. They are at all, even on the stars of Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow.

The whole world listens to the Pope, or rather to his cough and shortness of breath. On the eve of the already cold, Francis communicated with believers too tightly, today the Holy See canceled his participation in the liturgy on the occasion of the beginning of Lent.

The virus is everywhere – Romania, Algeria, Denmark, Sweden. In the UK, the school where Prince William’s children study, asks everyone who returns from Italy to stay home for a couple of weeks. In Portugal, the Chinese quarantined voluntarily.

“The coronavirus has a long incubation period, and since we are responsible to society, we decided to quarantine to ensure the safety of others. We must protect the health of the Portuguese,” said student Shi Lishan.

Passengers from Italy are carefully checked at all airports in the world. Not everyone has decided to interrupt air traffic so far – the Bulgarian Lines, Kuwait, and the Seychelles. British Airways has canceled 27 flights to Milan due to lack of demand. It is these consequences of the coronavirus that the business is most afraid of. Trade unions and entrepreneurs urged the Italian authorities not to escalate the situation.

The authorities of the regions have already seriously considered whether it would be time to stop self-isolation. Schools may open on Monday in Lombardy. The ban on visiting bars after 6 pm is canceled – they went too far. But whether this will save the season and return tourists is a huge question.


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