Italy will not take part in a possible military action against Damascus

ITALY (OBSERVATORY) –┬áItaly will not take part in a possible military campaign against the Syrian government, which can be started because of the supposedly taking place on April 7 of the Khimataki in the city of the Duma. This was stated by Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni.

He noted that a stable solution for Syria can be “achieved through peaceful settlement, and by providing space for UN actions”

As the agency notes, Gentiloni pointed out at the same time that if the Allies deployed a military campaign against Damascus, they would be provided with logistical support in accordance with previously concluded agreements.

Earlier , US President Donald Trump said Washington could use military force in response to the alleged use of the Syrian authorities chlorine in the Duma. A similar statement was made by the French leader Emmanuel Macron .

The authorities of Syria and Moscow refute the fact of the hematock in the Duma. The Russian Foreign Ministry believes that the dissemination of false reports on the use of chemical weapons may be aimed at justifying aggression from the outside.